10 Questions to Ask a Car Service Provider


Are you flying in from afar and can’t wait to get home? Or are you coming in for that big meeting that you just can’t miss? Maybe you just want to make an outstanding first impression or treat yourself to some luxury after a long flight? Whatever the case may be, it can be made possible with a dependable airport car service in Scottsdale.

But how do you know which car service provider in Scottsdale to choose? Well, by making sure you are well-informed, of course. So here are some questions you should ask your car service provider before you hire them!

Which areas do you operate in?

What is the benefit of booking an airport car service if they can’t get you where you need to go? Just to be on the safe side, ask them what areas do they serve, to make sure you won’t have to look for an alternative in a rush.

What vehicles can I choose?

Rolling into that big meeting in a luxurious limo will certainly make an amazing first impression. That’s why you need to know details about the fleet. Making the right choice will be easy when you know what your choices are.

Do you have wi-fi in your vehicles?

You know you want to ask this. These days, living without internet access available at all times is virtually unimaginable. Besides, being able to chat or play games is certain to make longer trips feel less dull.

What vehicle should I rent?

It will largely depend on your needs, luggage size, and the number of people traveling with you. The best option is to talk about it with the company representative, as they will best determine which vehicle from their fleet will suit you best.

What is included in your services?

It is important to know what you can expect from a car service company. Many companies offer a variety of services or packages that will go a long way toward making your trip more pleasant, ensuring your health and safety while providing an efficient transportation service right on schedule.

What are your rates?

This is a logical follow up to the previous question. Knowing the price will help you plan better and avoid overpaying for something you don’t really need.

How about the work hours?

Although this question seems redundant, it is a question you should always ask. If your flight lands at 3 AM, it’s hardly optimal and even less fun to have to wait up until 7 AM for your company of choice to pick you up.

How do I book your services?

Мost companies will give you the options to schedule car services to the airport by either phone or via the form on their website. Some might even offer the option of scheduling by mail, which can also be convenient in certain situations.

How far in advance do I need to book your services?

Usually, you will be able to book 24h in advance or even make a last-minute reservation. However, some require up to a week of advance notice. Be sure to ask, so you can plan accordingly.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

You’ll get a confirmation number right away if you book over the phone. Otherwise, you can expect an email with a confirmation number within hours. A complimentary email will also arrive a day before, as a reminder.

What payment options do you accept?

This might seem obvious, but it has to be mentioned. Reputable companies will accept credit cards, cashier checks, and, of course, cash. However, if they ask specifically for cash or other unconventional methods of payment – steer clear of them. You’re probably dealing with the scammers.

What is your cancellation policy?

Sometimes, even the best plans can fall through and fall apart. When this happens, you might have to cancel your booking. Respectable companies almost always have a full refund policy if you cancel within a reasonable amount of time.

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