6 Tips to Plan a Business Trip for Your Boss


Is that big meeting in Phoenix, AZ coming up, and the boss put you in charge of organizing the trip? That’s great! And a bit intimidating because it’s quite a responsibility for you to bear. Still, it’s an amazing opportunity for your organizational skills to shine.

With that being said, it’s important for you to be aware that organizing a business trip is nothing to be trifled with. You will be responsible for more than just buying plane tickets, reserving accommodations, or booking executive car service in Phoenix. It will be your job to make the business trip productive and enjoyable, so your boss can focus on the more pressing matters.

How do you plan a business trip for your boss?

Business trips, in general, demand quite a bit more planning than their casual counterparts. Which is expected, since they are also much more serious in nature. Your boss will expect everything to go perfectly, and it will be your job to make that happen. So, no pressure there, right?

Tip #1: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Problems have the tendency to rear their ugly head when you least expect them. This might seem overly pessimistic, but there’s a silver lining: you can expect them. Which means that you can contend, or even prevent them.

Therefore, the most important thing here is to keep the schedule flexible. Allow for alternative solutions to problems that may arise, and be prepared to react at the moment’s notice.

Tip #2: Stay informed

Doing research beforehand is a lifesaver. When you’re dancing around fixed schedules, being well-informed can mean all the difference between a successful business meeting, and a missed opportunity. So, do your best to remain up-to-date on the critical details of the trip:

  • Confirm meeting times. Unforeseen events can cause the schedule to change.
  • Double-check standing reservations. Mistakes and mix-ups tend to happen. It’s important to be ready to find alternatives.
  •  Keep checking flight times. Flights often get delayed and waiting times can be extremely long. Having a backup solution is imperative in this case.

Tip #3: Book necessary services well ahead of time

If you make arrangements timely, you’re not only making the business trip efficient and comfortable for your boss. You’re also ensuring that you have enough time to react if something goes awry. So jump on these tasks as soon as you start organizing a trip:

  • Reserve/Buy plane tickets;
  • Book accommodations;
  • Make reservations in restaurants;
  • Book quality executive car service.

These are especially important if the trip is going to take a long time. You want to make sure your boss gets quality shut-eye before the big meeting and have the means to conveniently reach their destination. Great food is mostly there so that they don’t get cranky. Because let’s face it – nobody likes their boss cranky.

 Tip #4: Make a checklist

It might seem redundant, but we have to say it. Organizing a business trip consists of numerous tasks. Keeping them all in your head will be simply impossible and trying will only make you stressed out.

Therefore, download an organizer app for your phone, tablet, or PC, and be sure to take notes on everything. And we do mean everything. No matter how insignificant the task might seem, if you have to do it – it goes on the list.

Tip #5: Incorporate leisure activities in the schedule

“All work, no play” is definitely not how you want your boss’ trip to Phoenix to go. And neither do they, for that matter. Therefore, communicate with your boss to find out about their preferences. If they love outdoor activities, you can suggest a hike at breathtaking Papago Park. Or if they’re a connoisseur of music, the Musical Instruments Museum might pique their interest. Do your homework and look for the best eateries in town so you can make reservations ahead of time.

Whatever the case is, do your best to come up with some fun ideas for a business trip. There’s no doubt that your boss will appreciate it. And a bit of fun in a pressure-filled environment is certain to keep them relaxed and on top of their game.

 Tip #6: Create an itinerary

A business trip itinerary is a great organizational tool. It will greatly help your boss stay updated and be efficient with their time.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you create an itinerary:

  1. Sort the items on the itinerary chronologically. It will make working through it easier.
  2. Don’t clutter the list. Keep it readable and easy to navigate. Unnecessary details are counterproductive.
  3. Create multiple copies on the cloud, your phone or PC, and a few hard copies.

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