How to Stay Safe & Healthy at an Airport?


With Covid-19 keeping the world in a stranglehold, keeping healthy is becoming ever more important. Fortunately, the situation does seem to be calming down. So pack your bags, grab your phone, and book your Scottsdale, AZ airport car service because traveling is back on the menu!

Of course, the primary concern should still be protecting your health. That’s why premium car service providers are not only focused on providing an exceptional car service, but also on helping you prepare and make all the arrangements for your trip with useful advice and answers to all your questions about your upcoming trip and car service.

How do you stay healthy at an airport?

Airports can be a potential health hazard. Thousands of people are circulating through the terminals every day. And not everyone is mindful of the regulations recommended by the CDC. However, you should be. Because that’s the only way to protect yourself and reach your destination safe and sound.

Wear a protective face mask

Cloth masks are your best choice. They offer enough protection, and you can wash and re-use them multiple times. They also come in a variety of amazing designs. Therefore, you can minimize the risk of contagion, while looking insanely cool!

Stay away from crowds

Airports are busy, hectic even and crowding is pretty common. While being surrounded with people speaking different languages and showcasing different cultural backgrounds can be interesting, it is better to avoid them. Instead, bring a good book and find a nice and secluded place away from all the hustle. Not only will this minimize your risk of infection, but also ensure the time flies by!

Bring hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes

You should always have these on you when traveling. They are incredibly useful. not only to clean your hands but also to sanitize different surfaces before use. Things like faucets, toilet seats at the airport and on the plane, are hotbeds for germs. Sanitizing wipes are a great way to reduce the risk of infection. Give any frequently used, high-touch surface a quick scrub and you’re good to go!

How can I boost my immune system before traveling?

On average, 20% of all people get sick during travel. However, there are some things that you can do before you hit the road to improve your chances of staying healthy.

 Get enough rest

Getting a good night’s sleep will make a huge difference, even if you plan on taking a nap on the plane. It will allow your body to recover, and your immune system to regroup, so it can fight off any infection more effectively.

Use supplements for a quick boost

While it’s best to boost your immune system naturally, through exercise and healthy habits, you can also resort to “cheating” a bit before the trip. In other words, you can try to boost your immunity artificially, through the use of certain supplements. Multivitamin complexes or vitamins B, C, and D will give your immune system a necessary boost to survive the long trip.

The same goes for probiotics. They are your friends when traveling. Changing environment, habits, and food can all lead to your stomach getting a wee bit uncooperative. And nothing can make you more miserable than getting cramps and having to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes during a long plane flight.

Minimize stress

Stress is the nemesis of the immune system. So do your best to minimize it in the days leading up to your trip. Focus on the activities that relax you. Hang out with your family, go out with friends, cuddle with your dog or go for a hike on Camelback Mountain. In a word, do what makes you happy. It will certainly go a long way toward boosting your immune system.

Stay healthy upon arrival by hiring exceptional airport car service in Scottsdale, AZ

How can I boost my immune system before I travelOnce you arrive at the airport, you can further minimize the risk of infection. A great way to do this is by scheduling a personalized, efficient car service to avoid having to use public transportation. Not only will this reduce the risk of you catching a disease, but also drastically reduce the amount of stress you may be under. But these are only some of the many benefits of booking airport car service and a smooth and comfortable ride in one of our luxurious vehicles.

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