6 Fun Ideas for a Business Trip


Phoenix is a big city. As such, it comes with its pros and cons. Cons, such as combating traffic and racing to meet deadlines can leave you exhausted and frustrated. Fortunately, though, nobody says that you have to focus on the negatives. Because Phoenix also offers endless opportunities for fun and leisure activities.

So, why not combine the best of both worlds? You can be a tourist between meetings and visit the sights. You can hire Phoenix corporate car service and familiarize yourself with the city. Or you can make the best of the downtime and simply rest. Because, contrary to popular belief, your business trip can be productive and pleasant.

How can I make my business trip less boring?

Nobody likes being stuck in a meeting for hours and then shambling on to the hotel. Especially when there’s a notion you’ll just have to rinse and repeat the whole process the next day.

Lengthy business meetings have a way to drain you of your energy. To counter that, you need ways to charge your batteries. Something to lift the spirit and fill the energy void. Therefore, incorporate leisure activities in the schedule, whether you’re planning a business trip for your boss or yourself.

 1. Treat yourself to an amazing meal

You have to eat – even on a business trip. So, why not make it a gourmet adventure? Good food leaves nobody indifferent, and you’ll certainly feel amazing afterward.

The best thing: finding a good bite in a completely unknown environment isn’t all that hard.

  • Search the Web for good restaurants in Phoenix. Websites such as Yelp! or TripAdvisor have star ratings and user reviews that can help you find a perfect place.
  • Ask around for good eateries. Waiters and baristas are your best bet in this regard. They are a true treasure trove of excellent info on classy places where you can get a savory bite. Or shabby places, that offer insanely good food, but tourists avoid them because they’re, well – shabby.
  • Ask your business partners for a recommendation. Even better, invite them for lunch or dinner. It’s a great way to deepen the connections by introducing a relaxed moment into a business relationship.

A tourist for a day – a better person for life

Tourists have no worries on their minds. They are all about good times and leisure. And it will do you wonders to take a page from their playbook.

2. Explore Phoenix

Sometimes, it’s great to just wander the streets, without a clear goal or purpose. So don the tourist garments and go out. Stroll around.  Soak the wonders of a new environment. Mingle with the locals. By the end of the day, you’ll feel relaxed and you’ll have another rewarding experience.

3. Go sightseeing

There are so many attractions in Phoenix, it would take you a lifetime to properly experience them all. Roosevelt Row Arts District or Orpheum Theater are heavens for art lovers. If history is your thing, Old Town Scottsdale is a must-see. Are you more of a nature person? Hit one of the hiking trails in Papago Park or Phoenix Mountain Preserve. The list can go on and on. The Valley is teeming with amazing places and you should definitely visit some of them.

Just chill

Sometimes, it’s more important to just stop, take some time for yourself, and do absolutely nothing. This is not only a valid option – but a great one at that.

4. Go for a soothing drive

If you have already booked a Phoenix corporate car service, you only stand to gain from it. And not just because you can impress your business partners as you arrive at the meeting in a limo. But because you can go on a ride and relax in luxury, as you’re cruising the streets of Phoenix.

 5. Hit the pool or a spa

If your hotel has a pool, that might be an ideal option for some R&R after a meeting. Grab a towel, a drink, and a light read and you’re all set! Or, even better – visit some of Phoenix’s famous spas. Book a treatment, get pampered, and you’ll surely feel fresh and ready for the next business venture.

 6. Let nature do the work

A nearby park can be an ideal place to reboot your system if you’re an outdoorsy person. Go for a walk, or a run, or just sit and enjoy the sunset. Nature will do the rest.

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