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Top-quality corporate & regular bus charter

Whether you’re in need of our standard charter bus rental or our corporate coach charter in Scottsdale and the area, Arrive in Style delivers. We are proud of our fleet of luxury vehicles that will give you some style to go with impeccable comfort and quality of service. Our private transportation is convenient, flexible, and completely dedicated to your enjoyment. When you book with Arrive in Style, you receive maximum comfort with minimum hassle. We are here for your needs.

Charter Bus Interior

Your convenience - our main mission

We strive to provide all our clients with premium charter bus rental services all around Scottsdale. Our way of giving our clients a perfect transportation experience is to combine luxurious vehicles, experienced drivers, and seamless communication. Our corporate charter buses ensure maximum comfort and our customer service brings booking efficiency. Arrive in Style wants you to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rested.

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Charter Bus Chauffeur

We handpick all our chauffeurs

We take the time to thoroughly test and vet each potential chauffeur and allow only the most experienced, dependable, and qualified candidates to become a part of the Arrive in Style team. Our chauffeurs will get you to your destination on time, safely, and without a hitch by using only the most efficient routes. Our chauffeurs also value your discretion, which is why many business people in Scottsdale opt for our corporate coach charter.

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Best Charter Bus Services

Enjoy the luxury of our charter buses

At Arrive in Style, we boast a fleet of top-quality vehicles that are cleaned, maintained, and serviced regularly. This is how we make sure that your ride is not only comfortable, but also as safe as possible. Additionally, our charter bus rental service in Scottsdale comes with a wide range of luxurious amenities, such as high-quality audio and TV equipment, an AC system, and adjustable seats. With Arrive in Style, you get everything you want and more.

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Your safety is our top concern

Ensuring our passengers’ safety and peace of mind has always been our main goal. We’ve implemented COVID-19 Sanitation Policies and Procedures to make our clients feel completely at ease. All of our safety measures have been designed based on the official COVID-19 precautionary recommendations made by relevant authorities.

  • All vehicles are cleaned with EPA-approved disinfectants, using appropriate PPE.
  • We clean, sanitize, and disinfect commonly touched surfaces.
  • Chauffeurs don’t greet clients with a handshake
  • Chauffeurs wipe down passengers’ items they’ve handled

Here’s what our clients say

Lisa Photo

I would 100% recommend using Arrive in Style. They exceeded our exceptions and transportation needs. Our son was married in Arizona and we are from out of town. Jarod and Joelle provided for all our our transportation needs from getting people to and from the venue, rides to and from the airport, transporting the bride and groom and even arranged for a bus for all of our guests to the wedding venue. They were so friendly, professional and prompt. I would highly recommend them for any and all transportation needs.

- Lisa
Jamie Photo

Start here and skip the rest! Arrive In Style responded immediately to my inquiry in a kind and courteous manner. [They] did [their] best and generously gave my son and his bride a free upgrade to [their] beautiful Bentley limo. Thank you!

- Jamie
Maria Photo

My husband initially found Arrive in Style Limousine one evening; around 10:30PM. The owner, Jarod, and him started exchanging emails and Jarod ended up asking for my husband’s number so that he could give him a call “if that was alright?” They talked on the phone that evening and ironed out all of the details. It was the most responsive vendor I worked with throughout my entire planning experience, and I loved being able to check something off of my to-do list so quickly! The night of the wedding, our car arrived on time and was beautifully cleaned. They had champagne waiting for us in the car and very romantic music playing in the background. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to be whisked away after their big day! They were fabulous!

- Maria
Chris Photo

We recommend Arrive In Style Limos for all of our wedding parties, because they are professional and always on time.

- Chris

Combine transportation and style

When you book charter bus rental service with Arrive in Style, expect comfort, convenience, safety & luxury at their finest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, charter buses are an extremely safe transportation option, but only if all the necessary prerequisites are checked. That means you should only book a standard or a corporate bus charter service that pays attention to the following aspects:

  1. Age:  The older the charter bus, the greater the chance of something going wrong. Try to find a charter bus rental company in Scottsdale that boasts newer vehicles.
  2. Maintenance: A charter bus company has to take care of its vehicles, which means maintaining them regularly.
  3. Service: Also, a private transportation company should never skip a service interval, and they should always have their charter buses serviced by experienced professionals.
  4. Inspection: All corporate bus charter companies must pass rigorous inspection at least once every year to make sure their charter buses are up to all the standards.
  5. Chauffeur: Finally, your chauffeur has to be experienced, trained, and vetted in order to ensure maximum safety during a trip.

At Arrive in Style, we place utmost emphasis on the safety of all our clients, which is why we regularly inspect, maintain, and service all our charter buses, and why we take the time to thoroughly vet all our prospective chauffeurs. We truly care about your safety.

Technically yes, but it is definitely not something you should do, and charter bus rental companies that allow you to rent a charter bus without a driver are not exactly highly professional.

There’s more to driving a bus than just possessing the right license. Experience is the single biggest factor that affects the safety of the trip, alongside rigorous training. That is why all of the premium regular and corporate bus charter rental companies only allow you to rent a bus their own driver can get behind the wheel of.

This has everything to do with comfort and safety, as only an experienced chauffeur can get you to your destination completely safely and in maximum comfort. Arrive in Style employs the best chauffeurs in Scottsdale so that you can have a hassle-free ride to your destination.

Depending on the type of company you’re renting a charter bus from, there are some amenities that may or may not be present. If you’re looking to secure the services of a premium charter bus rental company in Scottsdale and the region, you should look for the following amenities on their buses:

  • LCD TV sets for engaging movie moments
  • DVD players with a similar purpose
  • CD players that allow you to listen to your own tunes
  • A great sound system that will only increase the enjoyment in music and movies
  • Mood lightning that will allow you to set the atmosphere during your trip
  • A bathroom you can freely use.
  • A quality air conditioning system
  • Adjustable sets
  • Free Wi-Fi for you to use

As Arrive in Style wants you to enjoy your trip to the fullest, we offer all of these amenities to all our clients. Plus, if there’s something more you’d like us to include in our charter bus rental throughout the Scottsdale region, just tell us and we’ll make it happen.

Do charter buses have chargers?

Not all charter buses have chargers ready for you to use during your trip, so if you haven’t inquired about it previously, make sure to bring your own charger with you. Nothing worse than your phone’s battery draining at the worst possible time.

At Arrive in Style, we are completely in step with the times, and we know just how important it is for you to have your phone by your side in case of emergency or for personal entertainment. That is why all our charter buses come equipped with different chargers. We’ve thought about everything.

Not all charter buses are of the same size, so the number of seats varies too. Although there is a general number of seats charter buses usually come with, there are still some variations depending on the size and the make of the charter bus.

  • Charter buses typically have 56 seats.
  • However, the number of seats can range from 36 to 60 seats, depending on the size of the bus.
  • Anything under 36 seats is considered a minibus.

At Arrive in Style, we offer charter bus rental service and corporate coach charter service in Scottsdale that bring buses of different sizes and number of seats that allow you to find the perfect bus for your party size. Tell us how many people are coming with you, and we’ll find the perfect charter bus for you.

Arrive in Style provides the finest corporate bus charter and charter bus rental services in Scottsdale and all the surrounding areas. We offer premium charter bus rental in Phoenix, dependable and top-quality corporate car service in Scottsdale, as well as reliable airport car service in Scottsdale. Whatever your transportation needs, we have the solutions.

To us, it makes no difference if you’d like to visit the McDowell Sonoran Preserve of Phoenix Mountain Preserve. We will make sure that wherever you want to go you go safely, comfortably, and in style. Contact us today and book a ride with Arrive in Style.